Cookie Policies

General Definition of a Cookie

Cookies are small strings of text which the visited website sends to the visitor's terminal (usually the browser) which are then saved and, upon subsequent visits, sent back to the website.

First-Party Technical Cookies

This site directly manages the following types of cookies:

  • Technical - Necessary to allow for navigation and proper use of the website. They are temporary;

Third-Party Cookies Present on the Site

While browsing BPER Factor S.p.A.'s website, the user may also receive cookies from different sites, web servers, and/or providers on their terminal (so-called third-party cookies). This happens because the site may contain elements such as: images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages of other domains which reside on servers other than the one on which the requested page is located. In other words, these cookies are set directly by site managers, web servers, and/or providers other than the operator of this site. The sending of these cookies is the responsibility of these third-party companies. For further information, the user can access the sites of these companies and express his or her preferences on the use of cookies through the links provided below.

How to delete cookies through browser settings

At any time, it is possible to deactivate the use of certain cookies saved by your browser, although doing so may prevent the user from accessing some features. Each browser has specific cookie management methods. The following links provide relevant information for the most popular browsers: