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The company was founded on April 21, 1994 and began as a captive company of the Cremonini Group, after a short time it took the name of Emilia Romagna Factor S.p.A. (shortly Emil-Ro Factor) to be able to involve primary banking and industrial partners both nationally and locally and thanks to constant and careful growth, it becomes one of the main Italian factoring companies.
Throughout the following years, due to the involvement of primary banking and industrial partners on both national and local levels and due to constant and careful growth, it managed to become one of the main factoring companies in Italy.

In 2010 the company became part of the BPER Group and the BPER Factor brand was introduced, which today identifies the company.

From November 2021 BPER Banca holds 100% of the shares and, in May 2022 the name is changed to BPER Factor S.p.A.

The BPER Group

BPER Banca Group was founded in 1992 with an initiative from BPER Banca.
Its basic objective is that of creating a reality in which each bank can take advantage of belonging to a large banking group while simultaneously maintaining operational autonomy and its local roots.
Reliability, transparency, and professionalism are the basic values ​​that inspire BPER Group's "way of banking." It favors small household savings and business resources in all contexts, considering credit as a tool for development for both families and/or businesses and the local area.

Today BPER Banca Group is a strong union of two commercial banks, both of which are autonomous and well rooted in the various territories where they belong. In addition to credit institutions, the Group also includes numerous product companies (e.g. asset management, personal credit, leasing and factoring) and instrumental companies. BPER Banca Group can also count on a solid network of partnerships and shareholdings, some of which it directly controls, in foreign financial institutions.

These relationships allow BPER Banca Group, through specific Italian departments, to provide effective operational support to all companies engaged in internationalization processes.

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Donato Masciandaro - Presidente
Donato Masciandaro
Stegano Vittorio Kuhn - Vice-Chairman
Stefano Vittorio Kuhn
Matteo Bigarelli - General Manager
Matteo Bigarelli
General Manager
Antonio Rosignoli
Elisabetta Maria Virgintino
Luca Gotti
Marco Donini
Enrica Lazzari
Andrea Fabbri
Roberta Lecchi
Enrico Marchi
Antonella Bortolomasi
Alternate Auditor
Giacomo Giovanardi
Alternate Auditor