Nonrecourse Factoring: Full License

ASSET management

Areas of intervention

Receivables vs Customers

Need for liquidity


Risk reduction


BPER Factor acquires the receivables claimed by a company, generally applying a trade discount formula.
Through this definitive sale therefore, the company transfers any risk related to the receivables to BPER Factor and can remove them from its assets balance sheet improving its business ratios.
By applying the maturity value formula, BPER Factor can grant a further payment extension to the assigned debtors.

Product Purpose


Reduce the risk of a failure to collect on your receivables.


Immediatly liquidate your receivables.


Remove receivables from your assets balance sheet improving your ratios.


The factoring service has two main expenses (in addition to miscellaneous expenses): an interest rate and a Factoring commission, which, in the case of nonrecourse factoring with a full license, are normally withheld from the receivables' value by applying a trade discount formula.

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BPER Factor - Nonrecourse Factoring: Full License