Nonrecourse Factoring: Guarantee Only

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Receivables vs Customers

Risk reduction


In the case that no advance payment on the receivables is required, but only the guarantee of solvency is, BPER Factor offers a "only guarantee" service. This service does not include communicating to the debtor about the assignment of receivables. Therefore it is the company which must directly deal with their collection. However, in the case of delayed payments (after a set period of time established for recovery purposes) the company reports them to BPER Factor.
The service entails BPER Factor assuming the risk of non-payment of the receivables claimed by a company from its customers, be they private and public.
The BPER Factor guarantee operates within the limits of a rotating ceiling previously assigned to each of the customers / debtors.
BPER Factor, at its own expense, assumes the responsibility of carrying out all the activities related to the recovery of unpaid secured receivables, both of in and out-of-court.

Product Purpose


Reduce the risk of a failure to collect on your receivables.


Obtain an initial evaluation of the customers assigned to BPER Factor and monitoring of them for the entire duration of the relationship.


The factoring service has one main expense (in addition to miscellaneous expenses): a commission applied based on the amount of assignted receivables. Its size varies based on the type of receivables (e.g. sector, payment schedule, deferral length, etc.), the operation amount, and the solvency of the parties involved.

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BPER Factor - Nonrecourse Factoring: Guarantee Only
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BPER Factor reserves the right to assess the credit standing in order to execute the transactions. For the contractual terms and conditions governing the factoring products available for the illustrated service please refer to the “Informative Sheets” at the customer’s disposal at all our Offices and on our website Offer valid until 31/12/25 unless extended or early closure.